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Hiking: Misaka – Fujimidai ・神坂峠・富士見台

Stress and difficulty can knock us down. Sitting at our computers, we are overwhelmed with information, with emails, with one thing after another. Should we just sit there and absorb it? Should we sit there with the sickness and let it fester? No. Should we get up and throw ourselves into some other project – […]

read more Hiking: Misaka – Fujimidai ・神坂峠・富士見台

Photography: Landscapes

After returning from India I promised myself that I would try to see more of Japan, preferably by bicycle and with a camera. These are far from great shots – I have know idea how to take a good landscape – but it doesn’t matter. It’s the getting outdoors part that’s the most enjoyable.

I’m taking a week long trip to Shikoku next week to travel around both Kochi and Tokushima prefectures (I used to live in Tokushima) and to catch the wonderful Awa Odori for what I think will be my 5th time. I’ll be taking my Leicas, a huge Mamiya RB67 borrowed from Darren, and of course my bicycle(s).


今週末から四国の徳島県と高知県行きます (12年前に徳島に住んでいました)。阿波お踊りも見に行きます。これで五回目かもしれません。もちろん、ライカやDarrenから借りたマミヤRB67と自転車を持って行きます。