Kasugai – Gujo – Kadohara – Meiho Onsen

Fukui prefecture (福井県) seems to be a fairly unexplored region of Japan for cyclists and as a region along the Sea of Japan coast it used to be considered an isolated region before modernization. It’s northeast of Gifu prefecture and getting there from Aichi (愛知県) by riding through Gujo Hachiman (郡上八幡)  in central Gifu (岐阜県) […]

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Cycling in Japan, Australia, and the U.K. (part 1)

I’ve just returned from Australia after spending two weeks cycling in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. In May/June I also took my annual trip back to the U.K. and cycled on the roads of my childhood as well as in central Snowdonia, Wales. And of course I’ve ridden plenty of times in Japan. So […]

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