This isn’t directly related to cycling (at the moment) but I recently took a trip to Hokkaido  in the depths of winter. Quite simply I wanted to experience the snow that it’s famous for. It lived up to it’s reputation so if you love snow, trees, mountains, and bitterly cold temperatures I highly recommend a […]

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Mt. Norikura – Bike and Hike to 3026m

Mt. Norikura (乗鞍) is considered a right of passage for many cyclists in Japan. It’s the highest road in the country and only bicycles, taxis, and official buses are allowed up. It’s sometimes called Japan’s version of Alpe d’ Huez with plenty of switchbacks, 1200m of elevation gain from the Norikura Heights car park, and […]

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Kasugai – Gujo – Kadohara – Meiho Onsen

Fukui prefecture (福井県) seems to be a fairly unexplored region of Japan for cyclists and as a region along the Sea of Japan coast it used to be considered an isolated region before modernization. It’s northeast of Gifu prefecture and getting there from Aichi (愛知県) by riding through Gujo Hachiman (郡上八幡)  in central Gifu (岐阜県) […]

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