Cycling Tenryu in Southeast Nagano

Every now and then I get a strong desire to head out to Chausuyama (茶臼山), Urugi (売木), and Tenryu (天龍) in southeast Nagano, bordering Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures. I never quite know what draws me out there but the isolation (relative to Japan) is a big factor. The area has the wonderful Tenryu River running […]

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Owara Kaze no Bon / ãŠã‚ã‚‰é¢¨ã®ç›†

I first went to the Owara Kaze no Bon festival (おわら風の盆) in September, 2008. Compared to other summer festivals in Japan it’s a fairly subdued affair, but it makes up for that in the beauty on display. Japan, so undeniably ugly at times – think of all the concreted river banks, bland convenience stores, and […]

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Nagano Rindo Ride

Probably my favourite road in Japan these days. Deep in the Nagano mountains but within reach of Nagoya. While riding we came across a Japanese serow (kamoshika/カモシカ) in the forest. There’s something wonderful and magical about these forest dwellers, especially if you can make eye contact. Stay adventurous, stay keen, and keep exploring. Ridden with Zac […]

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