Mt. Gozaisho in Mie prefecture is only an hour’s drive from Nagoya and a great mountain for a day hike. In winter you’ll need some basic snow gear like snow spikes for your shoes (waterproof) for the 2-hour hike to the top, but apart from that planning the hike is quite straightforward. There are one or two technical sections but for the majority you’ll be absolutely fine so long as you are reletively fit.

There’s also a ropeway if you feel like taking the easy way back down (or up) and there are some restaurants at the top to grab a bite to eat. There’s also a hot spring (Yunoyama 湯の山温泉) next to the ropeway at the bottom.

In summer I think it’s possible to cycle up from Komono-cho but I haven’t ridden it yet.

Download the Yamap app for detailed routes and guidance.




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